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April 21, 2019: Americans have the right to hear from BDS leader.
Related link: US denies entry to leader of movement to boycott Israel
. Isn't that what they call totalitarianism?
April 19, 2019: Stop spending trillions on war and get rid of self-serving politicians ‒ Tulsi Gabbard. Related link.
I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy ‒ the Theory of Everything (ToE):
April 19, 2019: Study outlines new proposal for probing the primordial universe.
April 18, 2019: Scientists invent way to trap mysterious "dark world" particle at Large Hadron Collider.


April 18, 2019: Moscow calls on US to give up idea of forceful intervention in Venezuela.
April 18, 2019: Watch the new Iranian-made fighter jet in action.

April 18, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard playing very positive role in silent US Congress ‒ analyst. Related link.
Note: Tulsi needs to modify her view about the 2003 Iraq War called Operation Iraqi Freedom in an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews listed below dated April 14, 2019 with suggestions from us.

April 18, 2019: Bolton warns Venezuela: Monroe Doctrine "alive and well."
Statement from article: The Monroe Doctrine, which was announced by US President James Monroe in 1823, aimed to oppose European colonialism in the Americas.
Response: Get out of the Eastern Hemisphere, including NATO.


April 17, 2019: New Venezuela sanctions warning to "external actors, including Russia" ‒ Bolton.
Note: No one is going to bend over for you, plus your mustache looks ridiculous.



Which person listed below do you trust the most?
Each one including their surrogates are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.



King of Saudi Arabia:
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Emir of Qatar:
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Prime Minister of Israel:
Benjamin Netanyahu

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April 17, 2019: The US is planning to allow lawsuits over properties seized by Castro's Cuba.
Note: Maybe this move will set a precedent for Native Americans to sue for lands seized by the US?
April 17, 2019: EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory. Related link.
April 17, 2019: Trump vetoes congressional resolution to end US role in Yemen War.
Note: Trump's hate for Iran and greed for Saudi Wahhabist terrorist money may very well cost millions of Yemenis lives. Good luck in your afterlife Trump. The United States of America is totally out of control.
April 17, 2019: Three US Senate committee chairs seek details in Clinton email probe from DoJ.
April 16, 2019: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes waves online after saying US aid to Israel "on the table" for cuts.
April 16, 2019: Jimmy Carter explains why China is ahead of US "in almost every conceivable way."
Note: Democracies have their disadvantages, especially when corrupt politicians and fake news media, or the lack of real news, are allowed to run amuck spending taxpayer money on wars, military, etc. instead of reinvesting the funds back into their country. See US National Debt, plus 190 trillion dollars in US unfunded liabilities and World Debt. Related link.

April 16, 2019: Putin urges heavy upgrade of Russian space industry.

April 16, 2019: US, Brazil, Colombia preparing to invade Venezuela ‒ Venezuela Vice President.
Note: Then hurry and acquire more weapons, or make your own weapons to defend yourself against the thieves. Other countries, notably Nicaragua and Cuba, in the sights of Western and Israeli antichrist thieves, should also do the same.
April 16, 2019: "Amazing feat in propaganda": US support for Guaido rooted in thirst for oil.
Note: We have been waiting weeks for someone to say that. Venezuela needs to restructure their business affairs, privatize and join the First/Second World countries with all of the oil Venezuela has at its disposal.

April 15, 2019: Some Arab rulers serving US, Zionists; waging war against Muslims ‒ Leader.

April 15, 2019: Assange can explain DNC leak, Seth Rich incident and "Trump-Russia case" ‒ analyst.
Related link 1: Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman
Related link 2: WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is "alleged" WikiLeaks source.
Note: Who was behind Seth Rich's murder? Well anyway, what difference does it make?
April 15, 2019: Trump may announce larger US military presence in Poland during visit ‒ reports.
Related link: Israel - Poland relations.
Note: There is a trend going on here that cannot be ignored. The Israeli antichrist regime is slowly spreading their tentacles around the Russian Christians and elsewhere. If Israel is going to base their actions on religion, then they probably know the Christians and Jesus loving Muslims are someday going to kick their antichrist land theft ass in the great battle of Armageddon (a modern-day self-induced cataclysmic event) that will most likely begin between the years 2040-2050. Furthermore, the US taxpayer is footing the bill while corrupt politicians enrich themselves with the land theft blood money "scam."
April 15, 2019: US military, lawmakers say communication with Russia needed to avert nuclear war.
Note: The US needs to stop threatening Russia and trying to surround them so corrupt politicians in the US can continue to enrich themselves from the sick corrupt Israeli antichrist regime, and the Wahhabist terrorists in Saudi Arabia all from blood money. So, "you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"
April 14, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard on Hardball with Chris Matthews: Why do smart people launch stupid wars? Related link.
Note: SpyScandals.com fully supports President George W. Bush going to war to oust President Saddam Hussein of Iraq in 2003 in what was called Operation Iraqi Freedom. First, no one should ever be allowed to attempt to assassinate a sitting president like Saddam Hussein did when President George H. W. Bush was in Kuwait in April 1993 without being brought to justice. Second, SpyScandals.com agrees if President George W. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 to oust President Saddam Hussein for the purpose of removing Saudi Arabia's support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and for Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11. Third, to further punish Saudi Arabia by removing the Sunni backed government in Iraq and replacing it with a Shiite backed government to counter any future Saudi Arabian influence in the Middle East. Fourth, Obama and Trump are absolute corrupt fools for trying to diminish Shiite influence in the Middle East while Iran, Iraq, Syria are fighting Sunni Wahhabist extremists. Fifth, we highly recommend that Tulsi Gabbard change her position about the 2003 Iraq war. Sixth, Tulsi Gabbard should not trust Chris Matthews to ask the right question. Seventh, Was the excuse that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction a lie? Probably so. But, like the saying goes: "payback is a bitch." Also, sometimes one does not mess with family ‒ because it may be considered personal.
April 14, 2019: Iran to construct new railroad from Tehran to Damascus.
Note: It looks like those phony Western Christians, who claim to be a Jesus loving Christian, who prefer to support the Israeli antichrist regime, are not going to have their way with Iran. Not winning, too bad, boohoohoo.
April 14, 2019: US "blitzkrieg" to replace Venezuela government has failed ‒ Lavrov.
Note: You have got to love those real Russian Christians because they do not take crap from anyone.
April 14, 2019: US to pump $10bn into Venezuela's shattered trade after Maduro ‒ Mnuchin.
Note: So the little Munchkin is going to give Venezuela $10bn of the $30bn they stole from Venezuela? With friends like that who needs enemies. Related link. And the little Munchkin also Trumped US taxpayers in their taxes too. Related link. Those freaks want to steal Venezuela's oil, plain and simple, using every stupid excuse they can think of. Maybe the Trump administration should look in the mirror and say: mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest queer of them all?

April 14, 2019: Pompeo blasts Maduro as "tyrant," praises Paraguay as "defender of Democracy."
Note: Venezuela's elections are fair and internationally monitored. Socialism versus Democracy? It is Venezuela's choice if they wish to embrace Socialism for their citizens while the US is bankrupting the future of its citizens. If the US loves Democracy so much, then it should invade Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE first. Plus, the US should tell the Israeli antichrist regime to stop murdering its neighbors for profit. Mr. Pompous, including NATO, are full of it. With anti-BDS bills gradually increasing in the US and elsewhere, which are unconstitutional, people need to realize the US is slowly becoming authoritarian. And then when people take into account as to what happened with the DAPL ‒ the US could be gradually becoming a communist country.
April 13, 2019: Maduro allegedly brands Bolsonaro "Hitler imitator," warns against invasion.
Note: Will Venezuela become the US's next Vietnam bringing terrorism to the Western Hemisphere? Interesting how the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and the faux self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido have both stated that they would relocate their country's embassy's to East Jerusalem. The Israeli antichrist regime has their footprint all over both of those guys using land thief blood money as an incentive. DON'T FEED THE MONSTER! With all of the threats Venezuela has received they should acquire weapons from whoever they can to protect the world's largest oil reserves from Western thieves.
April 12, 2019: Tax refunds are down. That's a threat to Trump and the economy.
April 11, 2019: House Republicans pushing for vote on anti-BDS bill despite Pelosi's block.
Note: SpyScandals.com and its parent company Tabūla Mentis Corporation are boycotting anti-BDS movements.

April 11, 2019: US denies entry to leader of movement to boycott Israel.

April 11, 2019: Assange case a "dangerous & slippery slope" of government power ‒ Tulsi Gabbard. Related link.
April 11, 2019: Greg Craig, onetime White House Counsel, charged in Ukraine case.
Note: Once the public finds out all the dirt on Obama, Biden, Clinton, McCain, Graham, etc. that the Zionist Liberal Democrat controlled media has been hiding about Egypt, Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Iraq, then people will never elect Biden for president. Related link: Crimea, the New Jewish Homeland. The preceding and following links on this webpage are just for starters if you are looking for the dirt. Vote Tulsi Gabbard in 2020 for President.
April 11, 2019: Netanyahu plans to form "Greater Israel," threatens Palestine ‒ Democratic Front.
Related link: The "Greater Israel" Project.
Note 1: Why Christians are supporting the
antichrist in Israel is a phenomena; both perplexing and controversial.
Note 2: It would not be surprising that the Zionists want
Crimea, Poland, Germany and parts of Russia after they are finished with their Greater Israel project. After that they will probably want the whole world. The world does not want the US & Zionist antichrist murderous land thieves to rule them. Like they say in fake Hollyweird, Good Luck!

April 10, 2019: Researchers find unusual phenomenon in clouds triggers lightning flash.
Related link: Artificial ball lightning plasma-laserlight swords, handguns, rifles & cannons by Tabūla Mentis.

April 10, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard reaches 65,000 donors to qualify her for June debates. Related link.
Note: Tulsi is young enough to where she could be president from 2020-2028 and then again between 2032-2040, and then again between 2044-2052 if she wanted to. After that we will probably have humanoid robot presidents.
April 10, 2019: Egypt pulls out of US-led effort to form "Arab NATO" ‒ report.
April 10, 2019: You do not have our permission to go to war with Iran, Rand Paul warns Pompeo.
Note: Mr. Pompous must be smoking something because al-Qaeda belongs to his suckbutt Saudi terrorist friends.
April 10, 2019: The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics.
Note: Like the old saying goes; When you go into a black hole, you don't go back.
April 10, 2019: Israel has killed (murdered in cold blood) over 270 Palestinians in Gaza since March.

April 10, 2019: Libyan National Army says terrorists plotting attach on country's "Oil Crescent."
April 09, 2019: Trump, Netanuahu, Saudis leading us closer to catastrophe ‒ Tulsi Gabbard. Related link.
April 09, 2019: Pompeo says Egypt's purchase of Russian Su-35s will lead to sanctions ‒ report.
Note: Not only is Mr. Pompous absurd, Egypt should also consider purchasing Russia's Su-57 stealth fighters and their S-400 systems. Why should Egypt support some fools in the Western Hemisphere who are not their friend when they can support a friend in the Eastern Hemisphere, especially if one were to consider the West and their corrupt friends being partly, or fully responsible for the Egyptian Revolution that began back in January 25, 2011. A person need not go any further than Libya and Venezuela to see what the West is capable of doing.
April 09, 2019: Restoring Venezuela's electricity system may take up to one year ‒ minister.
Note: Thanks US for inconveniencing your southern neighbor for your own gain, if any.

April 09, 2019: UN Chief calls for immediate halt to fighting in Libya ‒ report.
Note: No! Reason being because the US and NATO thieves are in the back pocket of the UN.
April 09, 2019: F-35 can't do this: Russia's Su-57 stealth fighter has new weapon.
Related link: Russia's 5th-generation Su-57 stealth fighter offers huge export potential ‒ trade minister.
April 08, 2019: Iran puts US forces in West Asia region on its terror blacklist.
Note: Obviously Trump is doing this to prop up his corrupt friend Bibi in Israel before tomorrow's election, however will it be worth it when Americans start coming home in body bags? Trump is a traitor to his own country so he can make an extra personal buck. DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER! DOWN WITH TRUMP! DOWN WITH THE ISRAELI ANTICHRIST! DOWN WITH THE SAUDI WAHHABISTS!
April 08, 2019: US "terrorist" designation of IRGC doomed to fail ‒ top judge.
Note: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel are much more active in terrorism, and human rights violations than Iran. Moreover, the US, Britain and France are even worse than the above when colonialism is taken into account. It's obvious the reason for the designation is so the above mentioned countries can continued their murderous campaign to steal more land with Iran out of the way who is trying to stop them.
April 08, 2019: Haftar's Libyan National Army gains control of Yarmuk Military Camp ‒ source.
April 08, 2019: US urges Libyan National Army's leader Haftar to stop offensive on Tripoli.
Note: Stick it Mr. Pompous. The US was not concerned in 2011 when Obama, Biden, Clinton started the whole mess in Libya, so why would you care now unless you are trying to steal something that does not belong to them.
April 07, 2019: US takes illegal, dangerous actions toward regime change in Venezuela.
Note: The word "democracy" today and in the past is being used as an excuse to invade and steal. Colonialism appears to be alive and well these days. Maybe sicko Trump in his mind is playing out a real life fantasy in which he is a great pirate or a great Viking warrior?
April 07, 2019: NATO "broke away" from intl law, lost its legitimacy ‒ ex-OSCE Parliamentary Assembly VP to RT.
April 07, 2019: Libyan GNA Chief Sarraj accuses Haftar of violating political agreement.
Note: One cannot keep an agreement with a backstabbing crook like Sarraj who is backed by a pack of thieves. Numerous times the GNA has sent terrorists into eastern Libya stirring up trouble killing LNA soldiers and civilians.

April 07, 2019: Venezuela's energy system was attached from Chile, Columbia and US ‒ President Maduro.
Note: On April 5th Venezuela
inked a deal with Russia to help repair utilities damaged by hackers (perverts).
April 06, 2019: Trump to Jewish Republicans: Democrats pushing "extreme, anti-Semitic agenda."
Note: Pervert Trump continues to play the anti-Semitism card so his Israeli antichrist friends can continue to "scam," kill and steal land from its neighbors all for money, and their ego.
April 06, 2019: Candida Auris: Mysterious and dangerous fungal infection. Related link: GoToHellBugs.com.
Note: Trump would be wise to create weapons that will save lives instead of destroying them because the disease(s) may one day come to kill him and his loved ones.
April 06, 2019: Pro-Haftar forces regain control over checkpoint west of Tripoli ‒ source.
Note: Libya is where Obama, Biden, Clinton and NATO set their sights on land/oil theft, and where Obama's dream of a Sunni Wahhabist controlled world began after the Tunisian Revolution and Egyptian Revolution.
April 05, 2019: Venezuela inks eleven strategic agreements with Russia.
April 05, 2019: Trump is "for socialism," but only when it comes to funding US military industry ‒ Tulsi Gabbard. Related link.
April 05, 2019: NATO "doesn't need to exist" ‒ Ron Paul to RT (video).
April 05, 2019: German lawmaker brands NATO "security risk for the world."
Note 1: Then maybe Germany and Turkey should both dump NATO and join CSTO. Related link 1, link 2.
Note 2: Maybe Germany and Turkey with be interested in purchasing Russia's Su-57 stealth fighter jets?
April 04, 2019: Trump laments military spending by US, China and Russia, floats deal idea.
Note: Wait until we see the deal of the century Trump is soon going to propose for Palestine and Israel before buying Trump's BS story. During Trump's 2016 presidential campaign he promised we would have better relations with Russia, but since Trump took office things have been the opposite. Trump needs to reverse his stance on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights and East Jerusalem before he can be taken serious. Plus, Trump needs to reverse his stance on the DAPL and remove the pipelines from sacred land (graveyard) that he dug up and then say he is sorry for disrespecting other peoples gravesite besides his own, and Jewish gravesites. Then Trump needs to get out of Yemen, stop threatening North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, get out of Syria and tell Israel to get out of southern Lebanon. The list goes on. Tulsi Gabbard will make for a much better president than BS Trump.
April 04, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard accuses CNN's Fareed Zakaria of trying to goad Trump into war with Russia. Related link.
Note: Actor, comedian, director Rob Reiner, a former burglar-fire alarm customer of an affiliate of SpyScandals.com, was trying to do the same thing in regard to Israel and with Russia being in the Middle East. See September 22, 2017 SpyScandals.com response to Rob Reiner in Flashback Stories.
April 03, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard: Trump isn't closing the border because he cares about safety. Related link.
April 03, 2019: Kasich weighs in on Sander's 2020 chances: He "isn't going to be president."
Note: Sanders and Trump are two of a kind. Back in 2015 or 2016 Sanders mentioned he would sell Saudi Arabia as many weapons as they wanted. Really, a Wahhabist terrorist country like Saudi Arabia responsible for 9/11.
April 03, 2019: Joe Biden's alleged "groping" behavior was detailed in 2015 "Daily Show" segment.
April 03, 2019: Busted: Venezuela's opposition leader Guaido stripped of immunity, could face prosecution.
Note: Venezuela does have fair elections contrary to what the US and their suckbutts say. Guaido may soon be hanging at the end of a rope for the riots, damages and deaths he has created. Also, when are the US thieves going to return Venezuela's gold and 30 billion dollars they stole from Venezuela?

April 02, 2019: Joe Biden faces scrutiny for demanding ouster of Ukraine official probing firm that employed his son.
Note: Besides Joe Biden being a pervert and conducting dishonest activities in Ukraine, what did Biden do while working for Obama while Obama sent terrorists into Libya, Syria, Iraq, and yes into Ukraine too. Why did not Joe Biden notify Congress what Obama was doing, or was Congress including Nancy Pelosi already aware of Obama's outrageous dishonest activities that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.
April 02, 2019: US senators seek details on nuclear power cooperation with Saudi Arabia.
Note: Bet the MAGA supporters are celebrating this genus, an absolute genus treasonous idea, as well as, supporting Qatar and the Israeli antichrist in the Middle East all for $$$. Isn't that what one would expect from a queer like Trump? And Trump's stance on Iran is even more queer, absolutely queer.
April 02, 2019: Busted: Venezuela's Supreme Court seeks to strip Guaido of immunity.
Note: It looks like those US and Israeli deep state antichrist warmongers, land and oil thieves, genocidists, terrorist supporters, two-faced gunrunners may be disappointed this time, again. Thank you Russia. BTW: The quality of life would be a lot better in Venezuela if Guaido's surrogates would stop cyberattacking the power grid. Related link.
April 01, 2019: Trump and Netanyahu are BDS's best recruiters. Related link.
April 01, 2019: "How does this serve US interests?" Gabbard slams decision to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons tech. Related link.
Note: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, etc. are all in it for the money. They are/were committing treason, however American's are eating it up like as if it were ice cream. By the year 2040 Americans will begin to learn that they were taken to the poor farm surrounded by terrorists and a totalitarian government from within exasperated by new technologies arriving within the next twenty years. Still, the big question remains who will step-up to bomb Saudi Arabia's nuclear program to stop them? Remember 9/11 and that the GD Saudis are the ones responsible for it?
March 28, 2019: How the battle over Israel and anti-Semitism is fracturing American politics.
Note: Christians supporting the murderous Israeli antichrist is a phenomena that requires further investigation. Ignorance is the only explanation. It would be wise for those ignorant Christians to read the book of Revelation/Apocalypse. Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah, Jews do not. Maybe those ignorant or fake Christians should start reading the Torah instead of declaring themselves Christians? Can those people handle the truth or are they going to keep on bull crapping themselves?
March 28, 2019: Busted: Venezuela's authorities rule to ban Guaido from government service for 15 years.
Note: Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, more than Saudi Arabia and the US. That explains why corrupt US politicians are trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government just like they did in Libya. People over here in the Western Hemisphere should be glad Russia is down there stopping the corrupt US deep state regime just like Russia is doing stopping the corrupt US and Israeli regimes in the Middle East. Oh, BTW, the Israeli antichrist is also down in South and Central America messing around using funds derived from Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese land theft to promote more land theft, terrorism and their BS all in our backyard. Related link.

March 28, 2019: Russia to keep forces in Venezuela "as long as needed" despite US call for removal.

March 28, 2019: Moscow urges US to fulfill pledges on Syria before offering advice on Venezuela.
March 27, 2019: US to consider all options for pushing Russian troops out of Venezuela ‒ Trump.

March 26, 2019: What happened before the Big Bang?
Note: The soon to be released book I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy explains both the science and religion of what existed before the Big Bang.
March 26, 2019: "Beneath any leader': Ilhan Omar hits back at Nancy Pelosi for condemning BDS.
Note: The BDS movement is hated by Zionist land thieves and warmongers who know the BDS movement will eventually bankrupt Israel like it did the apartheid in South Africa.
March 26, 2019: Future is here: Dubai to buy Russian-made first ever Hoverbikes.

March 26, 2019: US will not tolerate "hostile foreign meddling" in Western Hemisphere ‒ Bolton.
Note: Then let's make a deal; you get your f••kin' a•• the Hell out of the Eastern Hemisphere, including pushing NATO back to pre-1992 boundaries and they will get out of the Western Hemisphere.
March 25, 2019: Golan Heights' status remains unchanged, says UN spokesman.
March 25, 2019: Russia's 5th-generation fighter jet Su-57 offers huge export potential ‒ trade minister.
Note: And Russia's new Irkut MC-21 passenger jet, in direct competition with Boeing's 737 MAX, is another fine aircraft made in Russia. However, the FS-2035 fighting saucer by Tabūla Mentis Corporation to be introduced in the year 2035 will outshine them all.
March 25, 2019: US Navy sails ships through Taiwan Strait for third time in three months.
Note: Starting in 2017 it was the DAPL, then Yemen, then the Syrian false flag chemical weapon attacks, then NATO expansion, then the low yield nuclear weapons, then the space force, then aiming more weapons at Russia, China and North Korea, then Venezuela, and then the US recognizing East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as belonging to Israel. The US has lost its moral high authority standing in the world, so it is best for corrupt Trump to forget about telling China to stay away from Taiwan. What was once the US being the shinny beacon of freedom throughout the world is no more. BTW, the US among others are the ones responsible for sending terrorists into Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq beginning back in 2011 when Barack Obama was president, Joe Biden was Vice President and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. P.S.: Joe Biden would be wise to forget about running for president because his dream of becoming president-elect in 2020 will not happen. Related link.

March 24, 2019: Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops ‒ reports.

March 24, 2019: If Trump wants to disarm Russia, he should un-recognize Kosovo.
Note: Trump ignored great advice about how to avoid a disaster in Yemen two and half years ago, so do not expect him to heed to this advice because Trump has proven time after time that he has no respect for human life when money is between him, and doing the right thing.
March 24, 2019: "Foreign mercenaries": Maduro accuses "the devil's puppet" Guaido of plotting his assassination.
Note: Venezuela's former president Hugo Chavez was reportedly poisoned to death by the US, the same as Yasser Arafat of the PLO when he was hospitalized in France without any specific proof of US involvement. The UK has recently poisoned several people trying to blame it on Russia. And the US, UK and France over the past two years have used false flag chemical weapon attacks in order to bomb Syria for numerous reasons with none of them to the benefit of the Syrian people. This is why we need a person like Tulsi Gabbard to be our next president to bring America back to its senses because folks things are getting downright crazy out there.

March 24, 2019: Over $30 billion seized from Venezuela's foreign accounts in two months ‒ minister.
Note: Today it's all about how much corrupt politicians can steal from others.
March 24, 2019: Venezuela's Maduro announces capture of Columbian paramilitary chief.
Note: More proof that the US may be supporting terrorism in Venezuela and that Guaido may be linked to terrorist groups. So the short story to this article is that if the US or its "interests" abroad do not get their way, then they will just send in the terrorists to kill the people and destroy their infrastructure until they do get their way. But, who in their right mind would ever want anything to do with those kind of people and countries who act that way, right?
March 23, 2019: China war drills: US commandos capture Japanese island to show Beijing they're "not kidding around."
Note: Trump seems to not be aware of the religious text “do to others as you would have them do to you.” To say it in short language ‒ get ready for China to take back control of Taiwan. With Trump's recent Golan Heights statement countries will now try to adjust old boundaries which will only lead to more war, death and destruction. Good job corrupt Trump, Satan for sure will be waiting for you in Hell.

The "Greater Israel" Project

March 22, 2019: Venezuela crisis: Guaido aide faces terrorism charges.
Note: Like the old saying goes: "birds of a feather flock together." And since the US supports terrorists around the world, then that makes it only more likely that Guaido will end up at the end of a rope.
March 22, 2019: Notorious Hollywood fixer Anthony Pellicano to be released from prison.
March 22, 2019: Mike Pompous in Lebanon: US secretary of state faces resistance after blistering attack on Hezbollah.
Note: The Israeli antichrist would love to steal the Pearl of the Middle East for their BS "Greater Israel" project.
March 22, 2019: US regime to unveil details of Trump's Middle East "deal of a century" soon ‒ Pompous.
Note: This deal is guaranteed to bring in the laughs. Trump's Middle East deal a couple of months ago proposed giving Jordan to the Palestinians in exchange for all of Palestine without permission from the Jordanian government. LOL. Sorry you fat stinky ass Trump, because the deal has already been made back in 1947 with UN resolution 181.
March 21, 2019: Exclusive: US has the duty to protect 40-50K Americans in Venezuela ‒ John Bolton.
Note: Well then maybe President Maduro should have those 40-50K Americans deported. Rumors have it that the presidential elections in Venezuela were monitored and declared valid, but you would never know that listening to the fake US news media. And last but not least, if the US does not want Russia and China on the American continent, then would not it be equally consistent for the US to get their butt out of Eurasia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa where they have been busy secretly training terrorists to invade other countries so they can steal their stuff?
March 21, 2019: Bipartisan House group introduces anti-BDS resolution.
Note: Anti-BDS bills that limit the ability to protest, boycott, divest and sanction would be a violation of the First Amendment's freedom of speech afforded by the US Bill of Rights. Moreover, a two-state solution has already been created in UN resolution 181, so therefore Israel taking land from its neighbors is no more than a scam. If the US wishes for Democracy throughout the world, then the US should start with Saudi Arabia and Qatar first to prove they are serious. However, Democracy as of late has become a word used to invade and steal.
March 21, 2019: Arab League fully supports Syria's sovereignty over Golan Heights.
March 21, 2019: Highlighting contrast, 2020 Democrats ditch AIPAC as Trump affirms Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights.

Note: Turkey needs to stop supporting terrorists in Syria and Libya.

March 21, 2019: Trump: Time for US to recognize Syria's Golan as Israeli territory.
Note: UN resolution 497 does not recognize Israel's control over the Golan. Also, boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel will not end, and will only continue to get worse until Israel abides by UN resolution 181, 497, and until Israel removes itself from southern Lebanon. Supporting the antichrist in Israel will not create more stability in the region, however it will stuff corrupt politicians and businesspeople's pockets with money who's "interests" are focused on land theft scams, arms sales, and continuing war into the distant future all for profit. Christians who claim to be Christian who are supporting this monstrosity should be ashamed of their ignorant arrogant selves.
March 19, 2019: Who is Tulsi Gabbard? The progressive 2020 hopeful praised by Bannon and the right. Related link.
March 19, 2019: Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life.
Note: Maybe carbon monoxide detectors could make it easier for humans to see extraterrestrial life in the form of ghosts?
March 19, 2019: Irishman's fart "sets off carbon monoxide alarm" in Dublin apartment.

March 19, 2019: Israel's killing of Gazans may amount to war crimes ‒ UN.
March 14, 2019: California college to vote on ending Israel study program, with the support of Rep. Tlaib.
From the article: "But it is the trips to Israel, specifically the University of Haifa."
Note: Many of those trips may be paid with funds derived from stolen land, stolen natural resources, etc..

March 13, 2019: Physicists reverse time using quantum computer. Related link.
March 12, 2019: Why do Steve Bannon and David Duke like Democrat Tulsi Gabbard so much. Related link.
Note: This is good news for Tulsi Gabbard because Donald Trump use to have Steve Bannon, David Duke and Russia in his corner, but now they are with Tulsi.

March 12, 2019: US Senator pushes for international recognition of Israel's sovereignty over Golan Heights region.
Note: The US needs to read UN resolution 497 again because they seem to have forgotten what it said. Apparently, many Americans believe it is okay to kill people so some can make money in stealing other people's land and resources. Have those people ever heard of the place called Hell? We hear that the Torah does not believe in Hell or Satan. Guess that partly explains why Israel is murdering so many of its neighbors so they can steal their land and resources? Have a nice afterlife.
March 11, 2019: Study: Information literacy can combat "fake news."

March 11, 2019: Are human brains vulnerable to voice morphing attacks?

March 10, 2019: Young Democrats break America's biggest taboo ‒ criticism of Israel: Writer.
March 09, 2019: Could Venezuela's power outage really be a cyberattack?


March 09, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard: The US government's treatment of Wikileaks will "have a chilling effect on investigative reporting."
Related link.
March 07, 2019: Poll: American public support for Israel at its lowest in a decade.
March 06, 2019: US support for dictators doesn't undermine Maduro stance ‒ Bolton.
March 05, 2019: Xinhua's first female AI news anchor goes viral. See related video.
Note: By the year 2029 all in studio news anchors and TV shows will be replaced with 3D real-time on-demand computer generated avatars produced by artificial intelligence requiring no in-house human employees. Furthermore, most field reporters will be replaced with robotics by the year 2035-2040. Related link.
P.S.: Humans out there may wish to concern themselves with the national debt and war corrupt politicians are creating between now, and then because there will be very little money nor incoming tax revenues in the future to support social programs for the hungry, poor, and infirm. Related link: 190+ trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities.

Arab Spring Timeline:
Tunisian Revolution: December 17, 2010.
Egyptian Revolution: January 25, 2011.
Libyan Civil War (2011): February 15, 2011 to present.

Libyan Military Intervention: March 19, 2011.
Syrian Civil War: Spring 2011 to present.
Benghazi Attack: September 11, 2012.
Iraqi Civil War: June 2014 to present.
Ukrainian Revolution: February 14, 2015.
Pro-Russian Rebel Intervention in Ukraine to Stop NATO Aggression: 2014 to present.
Russian Military Intervention in Syria: September 2015 to present.

March 03, 2019: Juan Guaido calls for mass protests before return to Venezuela.
Note: Juan Guaido should have waited to run for President before starting protests where there has been death and destruction. Now Venezuela has every right to hold Juan Guaido accountable for his actions which could be a prison or death sentence after a formal trial.
March 03, 2019: One Israeli's journey from ultra-Orthodox settler to peace activist.
Note: Trump's new two-state solution to be presented in about a month will be full of BS. Trump seems to have forgotten that there is already a two-state solution made back in 1947 approved by the UN. In this case the expression "possession is nine-tenths of the law" will not apply.
March 02, 2019: Iran condemns Britain for listing ally Hezbollah as "terrorist" group.
Note: Until the Israeli regime ends their illegal occupation of southern Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Heights and complies with UN resolution 181, then Hezbollah should stay right where they are to thwart any further efforts by the Israeli regime to expand their land theft ambitions. Related link: The "Greater Israel" Project.
March 02, 2019: Not an F-35, but still deadly: Don't laugh at Iran's jet fighters.
Note: Anyone who thinks Israel has the right to murder its neighbors to steal their land, then think again.
March 02, 2019: Trump asks China to remove all agricultural tariffs on US.
Note: It would be helpful if Trump would learn to read and listen before mouthing-off.
Related link 1: Trump’s fixation on the trade deficit with China is silly - Opinion
Related link 2: US trade in goods with China ‒ 1985-2018.
Related link 3: US trade in services with China ‒ 2011-2015.
Related link 4: US farms are going bankrupt at an alarming rate
March 01, 2019: A security flaw leaves Ring doorbells and cameras vulnerable to spying.


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February 20, 2019: Physically unclonable function: Researchers unveil Internet of Things security feature.
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February 11, 2015: It's not just smart TVs. Your home is full of gadgets that spy on you:
How Internet giants are collecting your personal data (including private conversations) through their high-tech devices
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