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Should the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel be brought to the ICC (International Criminal Court) for genocide against Iran beginning in the year 1917 the same year as the introduction of the Balfour Declaration?
June 25, 2019: Researcher shows physics suggests life could exist in a 2D universe.
Note: By the year 2035 humans will begin to utilize the second dimension of space. See Timeline. Also, life exists in 1D alphaverses and in the 0D metaverse. Furthermore, there is a very popular alien called "Father" who resides in a 2D betaverse called a supercube mothership. Learn more in the upcoming book I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy.
June 25, 2019: Researchers connect lightning with gamma-ray phenomena in clouds. Related link.

June 24, 2019: "Greater Israel": The Zionist plan for the Middle East.
June 23, 2019: Former Mossad chief: "Israel does not want peace. Related link: "the Greater Israel Project."
Note: Israel is the future home of the
antichrist (the Devil). The upcoming novel Twenty Forty-Four "2044" will feature Israel and the Zionists as the perpetrators to starting WWIII around the year 2045. However, do not expect the real Christians, Muslims, etc. to sit around while the Israeli antichrist and the Zionists, along with their Saudi Wahhabist terrorist friends, destroy everything. Real Christians who know the holy Christian Bible know the antichrist will be defeated and that it will not be the other way around unless they read the Torah, and love to steal other peoples land for profit. One cannot be a Christan-Jew because the two do not mix.
June 23, 2019: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights is demanding that Israeli troops stop shooting live ammunition at unarmed protesters.

June 20, 2019: Senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings. Related link.
June 20, 2019: International Atomic Energy Agency recognizes Palestinian statehood.
June 18, 2019: New Zealand government website removes Israel from map.



Which person listed below do you trust the most?
Each one including their surrogates are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.



King of Saudi Arabia:
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Emir of Qatar:
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Prime Minister of Israel:
Benjamin Netanyahu

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June 16, 2019: Tankers in Sea of Oman targeted in false flag ops ‒ commentator.
June 15, 2019: As US-Iran tensions increase, Tulsi Gabbard calls her 2020 candidacy a "threat to the foreign policy lies sold to the American people." Related link.
June 14, 2019: Director of Jewish museum in Berlin resigns over his support of BDS petition.
June 14, 2019: Ethics of AI: How should we treat rational, sentient robots ‒ if they existed?
Related link: The Metapeople™
June 12, 2019: Robot sex and the city: An affair heading for disaster. Related link: Frank™ the Robot.
June 12, 2019: Monogamous fish found to show pessimistic bias when separated from mate.
June 10, 2019: A new candidate for dark matter and a way to detect it.
Note: Forget about those ghostly WIMPs because we now have WEIRDOs (Weak Elementary Interacting Rotational Dynamic Objects). Plus, transform betas into dark photons and you'll get "dark electromagnetism!" Learn more in the upcoming book I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy.
June 06, 2019: New computer attack mimics user's keystroke characteristics and evades detection.
June 05, 2019: New documents reveal FBI investigated Bigfoot in 1970s.
Note: Bigfoot, if it exist, possibly similar to the Loch Ness Monster, may very well naturally reside in a parallel universe next to ours. Because their particles are similar to atoms, but not the same; they are not compatible with our universe and will not leave traces of evidence in any form when they depart, or die.
June 05, 2019: Scientists DNA testing Loch Ness for traces of monster make "surprising" discovery.
June 05, 2019: Disturbing report sheds light on why civilization may collapse in just 30 years. See Timeline.
Note: As you will see in the timeline there are solutions that are currently in the design phase to solve everyone of those upcoming dilemmas. What the scientist's are not telling you though is if we were to stop polluting the atmosphere today it would still take somewhere between 500 to 1,000 years for Earth's atmosphere to naturally scrub itself back to where it was before the beginning of the industrial revolution. And even then if we were to stop all pollution now things would still continue to get worse before the slow healing process would begin. So therefore you may wish to think about it in great detail first before you start plucking down your hard earned money on untested ineffective innovations just in case money is the main motivation behind these climate reports.
June 05, 2019: Trump calls Iran "terrorist nation number one," doesn't rule out military option.
Note: Honestly, Saudi Arabia is most likely the #1 terrorist nation, with Qatar coming in #2, Israel #3, Turkey #4, US #5, UK #6, France #7, Italy #8, Spain #9 and Germany #10. Iran is way down the totem pole when it comes to being ranked as a terrorist nation. Also, Iran is not stealing anyone's land, however Saudi Arabia is currently trying to steal Yemen, and Israel is currently trying to steal all of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, etc, etc, etc.. Isn't it interesting that Trump's best overseas friends are land thief terrorist countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel. Like the old saying goes: bird of a feather flock together.
June 04, 2019: Big tech surveillance could damage democracy.
June 02, 2019: California Democrats alter resolutions tying Israel to Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.
June 01, 2019: UN Rapporteur: Canada's new trade agreement with Israel violates international law.
May 31, 2019: Russian embassy points to US media crusade to discredit Damascus with dubious evidence.
May 31, 2019: Prosecutors refute Roger Stone's claim that Russia didn't hack DNC.
Related link 1: Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman
Related link 2: WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is "alleged" WikiLeaks source.
May 30, 2019: "Why are so many of our girls dying?" Canada grapples with violence against indigenous women. Related link.
May 30, 2019: Disgust as Cher tweets "without apology" wish Trump be sexually abused in jail.
Note: Cher has it partly correct, except that Trump may have been sexually abused while in Military School. Because of that possible abuse Trump may have become a perverted pro-social psychopath and is now taking it out on the Syrian Alawites and Iranian Shiites in the Middle East in exchange for indirect illegal kickbacks from the Saudi Wahhabist and Israeli antichrist terrorist land theft regimes? Trump acts like a frustrated closet freak with a chip on his shoulder because he cannot get what he wants due to his fat ugly man ass.
May 29, 2019: Declining fertility rates may explain Neanderthal extinction, suggests new model.
Note: Neanderthal women were most likely not as pretty as homo sapien women.
May 29, 2019: France erroneously claims Syrian military used chemical weapons in wrong location.
May 28, 2019: Russia unlikely to stay neutral if US and Iran go to war.
May 27, 2019: Mexico City removes photos of Jerusalem and Golan Heights after pressure from BDS.
May 27, 2019: Israel agrees to US mediation in sea border dispute with Lebanon ‒ reports.
May 27, 2019: US "not looking for regime change" in Iran ‒ Trump.
Note: No, Trump only wishes to bankrupt Iran's future with sanctions so they can be invaded and destroyed later.
May 26, 2019: Iran can sink US warships with "secret weapons" ‒ military official says.

May 26, 2019: Who is to blame for America's disturbing Iran policy?

May 26, 2019: Libya's Haftar says to fight until Tripoli "militias" defeated.
May 26, 2019: Turkish involvement in Libya raises regional security concerns in Egypt.
May 24, 2019: Satellite images raise questions about Iran threat ‒ experts.

May 24, 2019: Why would any country trust America again?
Note: The US violated its 1992 agreement with Russia regarding NATO and it is almost certain that the US will violate any agreement they make with North Korea, so then why would N. Korea denuclearize only to be invaded later? Furthermore, the US has a long history of violating agreements with Native Americans. Fake chemical weapon attack allegations in Syria, "international hooliganism by the Trump administration, extra-territorial bullying of trade and business rivals, violent treats against Iran, absurdly biased 'peace plan' for Palestine, resumed arms sales to fuel the Saudis' war in Yemen, and an assault on global press freedom" as reported by the Guardian.
May 24, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard would re-enter the Iran nuclear deal if elected. Related link.
May 24, 2019: US could use economic, military tactics to destabilize Russia ‒ report.
Note: Russia should not trust Trump for he has sold his soul to the Israeli antichrist and the Saudi Wahhabist. If Trump is a Christian, then he sure in Hell does not walk like one. Russia's population is 47.1% Christian compared to the US 73.7%. Russia would have more Christians today if not for Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, plus the Nazis during WWII killed upwards to around 35 million Russians. It is very doubtful that sending jihadist terrorists into Russia like NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel did in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq will increase the Christian population in Russia. However, such a move will make deranged Christian fanatics, land thieves and ignorant people very happy, including those listed beforehand.
May 23, 2019: Trump, ignore the war hawks and end the US's role in Syria.

May 23, 2019: US charges Julian Assange with 17 counts under Espionage Act ‒ CPJ.

May 23, 2019: LNA announces naval blockade of western Libya.
Note: Support the LNA lead by field marshal Khalifa Haftar, the good guys.
May 23, 2019: Palestinians rally against Germany's criminalization of BDS. Related link.
May 22, 2019: US yet to find evidence of new chemical weapons attack in Syria.
May 22, 2019: New US peace plan-conference another attempt to "make Palestine disappear." Related link.

May 21, 2019: Terrorists plotting chemical attack in Syria's Idlib, Aleppo ‒ Russia.

May 21, 2019: 5,000 Daesh (ISIS) terrorists amassed in Afghanistan ‒ Russia.
May 21, 2019: Years of US sanctions have cost Venezuelan economy $130 billion ‒ official.
May 20, 2019: US "genocidal taunts" won't end Iran ‒ Zarif.
May 20, 2019: Trump: "If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran."
Note: Trump avoided joining the military because he is a coward. What's wrong Trump, you did not want to lose an eye, a leg, an arm or your life in battle? What a genocidist sissy big mouth baby Trump has turned into. Sad! What ever happened to the old saying: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" What about all of that "fire and fury" BS that came out of Trump's big fat mouth regarding N. Korea? Also, how did Israel manage to grow from its 1946 boundaries listed below to acquiring almost all of Palestine today, as well as, land in southern Lebanon and the Syrian Golan Heights? Oh, so pervert Trump really is a thief in sheep's clothing pretending to be saving the world. What the Hell does Trump think he is a barbarian or a Viking? What pervert Trump really is is a thief stealing from the Americans by growing the debt while setting America up for a great big fall. Of course Trump wants Iran out of the way so the Israeli antichrist can continue to steal land from its neighbors for its "Greater Israel" land theft project while giving illegal kickbacks/perks to its supporters.
May 19, 2019: There should be nothing wrong in waving Palestinian flags at Eurovision.
May 19, 2019: Susan Sarandon, Pamela Anderson & Roger Waters question silence on Douma OPCW report.
May 18, 2019: Leaked OPCW memo casts doubt on watchdog's Douma "chemical attack" conclusions.
May 18, 2019: Israeli firm linked to WhatsApp spyware attack faces lawsuit.

May 18, 2019: Venezuelan embassy besiegers were "elite," sought gains from US intervention.


May 16, 2019: UN chief concerned nuclear "coffin" leaking in Pacific.

May 15, 2019: Energy-free superfast computing invented by scientists using light pulses.
Note: Light pulses can travel faster than the speed of light. Related link: Faster-than-light travel.

May 14, 2019: US journalism has become more subjective ‒ study.


May 14, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard mocks Bill and Hillary Clinton's speaking tour, unleashes on "blatant" liar James Clapper in Joe Rogan interview.
Related link.
May 14, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard would drop charges against Assange and Snowden. Related link.
May 14, 2019: UAE oil tanker attacks "false flag" operations ‒ analyst.

May 14, 2019: Syrians in occupied Golan Heights reject Netanyahu's new "Trump" settlement.
May 14, 2019: BIG BROTHER: San Francisco to vote on banning face recognition technology.


May 14, 2019: Artificial intelligence shines light on the dark web.
May 13, 2019: "Unpublished OPCW report" implies "chemical attack" in Syria's Douma was staged.


May 13, 2019: US press reaches all-time low on Venezuela coverage.
May 13, 2019: First international blockchain for science ‒ Bloxberg.


May 12, 2019: Tester eyes unhackable claim on USB flash drive.

May 11, 2019: Giuliani to push Kiev probe of Joe Biden role in Ukrainian business deals.
May 10, 2019: Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone.
May 08, 2019: Source credibility is key to derailing fake news.
May 07, 2019: S-money: Ultra-secure form of virtual money proposed.
May 07, 2019: GPS Spoofing: Tracking your kid's cellphone? Their location can be faked.

May 07, 2019: US sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela breach human rights ‒ UN expert.
Note: Is the Trump administration guilty of genocidal hate, war crimes?

May 06, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard "by far is the very, very best" presidential candidate ‒ Ron Paul.
Related link.
May 06, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard has proved she is ready for America. Is America ready for her? Related link.
May 06, 2019: "You're called FAKE NEWS": Lavrov shoots down CNN's "fake question" on Venezuela.
May 06, 2019: FAKE NEWS ALERT: CNN says Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido won election in Jan.
May 06, 2019: US firm Blackwater training Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Iraq, eyeing Syria ‒ report.
May 06, 2019: New research uncovers how life-threatening fungal diseases adapt to survive in humans.
Related link: GoToHellBugs.com.

May 05, 2019: Supply-chain hack attacks are worrying investigators.

May 05, 2019: Russia's Lavrov urges US to cancel plans to oust Venezuela's Maduro.
Note: Remember the Falklands War or the Vietnam War? The US will pay a steep price for trying to steal something (the world's largest known oil reserve) that does not belong to them.
May 03, 2019: How the West's war in Libya has spurred terrorism in 14 countries.
From the article: "The legacy of David Cameron’s, Nicolas Sarkozy’s and Barack Obama’s overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been gruesomely felt by Europeans and Africans. Yet holding these leaders accountable for their decision to go to war is as distant as ever." And don't forget about Joe Biden and H.Clinton who are also warmongers, land thieves, and genocidists. The Middle East, northern Africa and especially Ukraine will be a huge problem for Joe Biden.
May 03, 2019: "City of Satan": Megan McCain gets biblical while dissing Russia's capital.
Note: Megan McCain has Moscow confused with Jerusalem as the city of Satan. Furthermore, the Israeli antichrist has a way of attracting big mouth profiteers, agnostics and atheists to do their dirty work.
May 03, 2019: UN panel calls WikiLeaks founder's UK sentence excessive.
May 02, 2019: Mexico, Germany oppose interventionist scenarios in Venezuela ‒ FMs.
May 02, 2019: US Congresswoman McCollum reintroduces bill to protect Palestinian children.
May 02, 2019: Design flaws create security vulnerabilities for "smart home" Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
May 01, 2019: One way to silence Israel boycotts? Get lawmakers to pass anti-BDS bills. Related link.
Related link: Texas judge strikes down anti-BDS law in huge win for Palestine activists
May 01, 2019: "Hapless" Guaido "worth more dead than alive" to Venezuela coup cause ‒ Ron Paul.
May 01, 2019: Jill Stein slams Bolton & Trump for seeking regime change (coup) in Venezuela.
April 30, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard takes on her own party over "endless war" in mysteriously-deleted viral campaign clip.
Related link. Note: Tulsi Gabbard needs more first time $1 & up donors before the upcoming debates.
April 30, 2019: "Russian spy whale": the disturbing history of military marine mammals.

April 30, 2019: Haftar's Libyan Army approaching gates of Tripoli ‒ map.
April 30, 2019: "We must be vigilant and united": Bolivia's president emerges in support of Maduro.
April 29, 2019: ISIS gaining foothold in Afghanistan to expand into Central Asia ‒ Russia minister says.
April 29, 2019: Belize breaks silence on Venezuela's crisis.

April 29, 2019: Whistleblower reveals info on companies buying and selling your location data. Related link.

April 29, 2019: Forgotten war: Death toll in Yemen to reach 233,000 by end of year.


April 29, 2019: Libyan National Army says they have proof Turkey is supporting ISIS.


April 29, 2019: Iran is a "force for stability in the region" ‒ Foreign Minister Zarif.

April 28, 2019: US builds nuclear shield to deliver surprise nuclear strike on Russia ‒ General Staff claims.
Note: This is why China and Russia should never allow N. Korea to denuclearize. Since some believe every word in religious books; then maybe that is why the Americas are not listed in them for they may someday cease to exist? But don't worry, Trump and his little Munchkins will be safe somewhere in bomb shelters.
April 28, 2019: Iran suggests leaving NPT nuclear treaty possible if US tightens sanctions - FM.
April 27, 2019: Brazil's Lula de Silva blasts "bunch of lunatics" for ruining country.
Note: The current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and Michel Temer, the president before him, have both sold out their soul's to the Israeli antichrist, and the US.
April 26, 2019: Texas judge strikes down anti-BDS law in huge win for Palestine activists. Related link.
Note: Thank God Israel's aggressive murderous land theft campaign against its neighbors is nearing an end, however for those who are familiar with the antichrist they know Israel and its surrogates are not finished yet.
April 26, 2019: "It's as if Cuba has annexed the country": As Venezuela crisis prolonged, Franklin Graham launches border outreach.
Note: Very funny Graham. Hopefully you do not invite your land thief Israeli antichrist friends to help because you sure do know what the Israeli antichrist have planned for all of us in the future don't you and don't be coy about it Franky? Remember Graham, Christians do not kill Christians unless they are not a Christian. Like the saying goes: bird of a feather flock together. From what we have seen you have been hanging around with the Israeli antichrist way too much to be calling yourself a Christian. So what's in it for you Graham, land theft blood money? Are you trying to get your hands on the world's largest oil reserve in Venezuela? Come on Graham, you are a God fearing Christian, so you can tell everybody the truth!
April 25, 2019: The US sticks up for victims of Cuba's theft.
Note: What about the Palestinians and Native Americans?
April 25, 2019: Kuwaiti scholar exposes "semen-eating anal worms" in gay men's rectums.
April 24, 2019: Computer scientists design way to close "backdoors" in AI-based security systems.

April 24, 2019: Indigenous protesters march on Brazil Congress over land rights. Related link.
April 24, 2019: Trump hiding from Christians Saudis' role in Sri Lanka jihad ‒ Tulsi Gabbard. Related link.
April 24, 2019: Russia rolls out new killer nuclear submarine with underwater drones.
April 24, 2019: Venezuela arrests five, seeks extradition of three others over power outages.
April 23, 2019: Can a Wi-Fi network ever be completely secure?
April 23, 2019: Indigenous communities facing landlessness in Paraguay. Related link.

April 23, 2019: Russia issues stern warning to US over intent to invade Venezuela.

April 22, 2019: BIG BROTHER: How artificial intelligence systems could threaten democracy.
Note: And just wait until telescreen and mind slate technologies arrive before you begin to totally freak-out.
April 22, 2019: Japan expects little impact from US scrapping Iran oil waivers.
Note 1: The same for India, China and South Korea.
Note 2: The US wants Iran out of the way so the antichrist can continue with its "
Greater Israel" land theft project.
Related link 1: Persian famine of 1917-1919
(about 2 million Iranian genocidal deaths)?
Related link 2: Balfour Declaration 1917
. Did Britain have a sinister plan to prevent Iran from interfering?
Related link 3: The Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran during WWII (? Iranian deaths).
Related link 4: The 1953 Iranian coup the US never told its citizens (about 400 Iranian deaths).
Related link 5: Iran-Iraq War (about 1 million Iran-Iraq soldier deaths sponsored by the US, UK & Saudi Arabia).

Note 3: Iran is probably going to be offering some great deals on oil and military purchases to willing buyers.
Related link 6: Watch the new Iranian-made fighter jet in action.
Related link 7: Surface-to-air Bavar 373 missile systems.

The "Greater Israel" Project

April 22, 2019: As French US envoy call Israel "apartheid state," Trump's Palestine deal looks all but doomed.
Note: Come on Trump, whip out your BS "deal of the century." It is guaranteed to be dead on arrival.
April 21, 2019: Americans have the right to hear from BDS leader.
Related link: US denies entry to leader of movement to boycott Israel
Note: Isn't that what they call totalitarianism or authoritarianism? What else would people expect from the Israeli antichrist
regime and their little murderous land-oil theft for profit scam cabal Munchkins. Why are Christians supporting the Israeli antichrist regime, seriously why? Maybe because some corrupt BS preacher is preaching some incorrect distorted perverted BS so they can get free perks, etc.? Oh, that's right, the preachers are preaching twisted stories about fate predicted thousands of years ago by special interest groups (thieves). Sorry, but the Christians are the ones who defeat the antichrist in Israel, not the Muslims, unless they wish to help. So go back to reading your Christian Bible for the real answers and stop listening to those delusional corrupt money hungry preachers/corrupt politicians.
April 19, 2019: Stop spending trillions on war and get rid of self-serving politicians ‒ Tulsi Gabbard. Related link.
I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy ‒ the Theory of Everything (ToE):
April 19, 2019: Study outlines new proposal for probing the primordial universe.
April 18, 2019: Scientists invent way to trap mysterious "dark world" particle at Large Hadron Collider.


April 18, 2019: Moscow calls on US to give up idea of forceful intervention in Venezuela.

April 18, 2019: Watch the new Iranian-made fighter jet in action.
Related link: Surface-to-air Bavar 373 missile systems.
Note: Now is probably a great time to purchase Iranian-made military products.
April 18, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard playing very positive role in silent US Congress ‒ analyst. Related link.
Note: Tulsi needs to modify her view about the 2003 Iraq War called Operation Iraqi Freedom in an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews listed below dated April 14, 2019 with suggestions from us.

Note: Turkey needs to stop supporting terrorists in Syria and Libya.

April 18, 2019: Bolton warns Venezuela: Monroe Doctrine "alive and well."
Statement from article: The Monroe Doctrine, which was announced by US President James Monroe in 1823, aimed to oppose European colonialism in the Americas.
Response: Get out of the Eastern Hemisphere, including NATO.


April 17, 2019: New Venezuela sanctions warning to "external actors, including Russia" ‒ Bolton.
Note: No one is going to bend over for you, plus your mustache looks ridiculous.
April 17, 2019: The US is planning to allow lawsuits over properties seized by Castro's Cuba.
Note: Maybe this move will set a precedent for Native Americans to sue for lands seized by the US?
April 17, 2019: EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory. Related link.
April 17, 2019: Trump vetoes congressional resolution to end US role in Yemen War.
Note: Trump's hate for Iran and greed for Saudi Wahhabist terrorist money may very well cost millions of Yemenis lives. Good luck in your afterlife Trump. The United States of America is totally out of control.
April 17, 2019: Three US Senate committee chairs seek details in Clinton email probe from DoJ.
April 16, 2019: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes waves online after saying US aid to Israel "on the table" for cuts.
April 16, 2019: Jimmy Carter explains why China is ahead of US "in almost every conceivable way."
Note: Democracies have their disadvantages, especially when corrupt politicians and fake news media, or the lack of real news, are allowed to run amuck spending taxpayer money on wars, military, etc. instead of reinvesting the funds back into their country. See US National Debt, plus 190 trillion dollars in US unfunded liabilities and World Debt. Related link.

April 16, 2019: Putin urges heavy upgrade of Russian space industry.
April 16, 2019: US, Brazil, Colombia preparing to invade Venezuela ‒ Venezuela Vice President.
Note: Then hurry and acquire more weapons, or make your own weapons to defend yourself against the thieves. Other countries, notably Nicaragua and Cuba, in the sights of Western and Israeli antichrist thieves, should also do the same.
April 16, 2019: "Amazing feat in propaganda": US support for Guaido rooted in thirst for oil.
Note: We have been waiting weeks for someone to say that. Venezuela needs to restructure their business affairs, privatize and join the First/Second World countries with all of the oil Venezuela has at its disposal.

April 15, 2019: Some Arab rulers serving US, Zionists; waging war against Muslims ‒ Leader.

April 15, 2019: Assange can explain DNC leak, Seth Rich incident and "Trump-Russia case" ‒ analyst.
Related link 1: Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman
Related link 2: WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is "alleged" WikiLeaks source.
Note: Who was behind Seth Rich's murder? Well anyway, what difference does it make?
April 15, 2019: Trump may announce larger US military presence in Poland during visit ‒ reports.
Related link: Israel - Poland relations.
Note: There is a trend going on here that cannot be ignored. The Israeli antichrist regime is slowly spreading their tentacles around the Russian Christians and elsewhere. If Israel is going to base their actions on religion, then they probably know the Christians and Jesus loving Muslims are someday going to kick their antichrist land theft ass in the great battle of Armageddon (a modern-day self-induced cataclysmic event) that will most likely begin between the years 2040-2050. Furthermore, the US taxpayer is footing the bill while corrupt politicians enrich themselves with the land theft blood money "scam."

Arab Spring Timeline:
Tunisian Revolution: December 17, 2010.
Egyptian Revolution: January 25, 2011.
Libyan Civil War (2011): February 15, 2011 to present.

Libyan Military Intervention: March 19, 2011.
Syrian Civil War: Spring 2011 to present.
Benghazi Attack: September 11, 2012.
Iraqi Civil War: June 2014 to present.
Ukrainian Revolution: February 14, 2015.
Pro-Russian Rebel Intervention in Ukraine to Stop NATO Aggression: 2014 to present.
Russian Military Intervention in Syria: September 2015 to present.

April 15, 2019: US military, lawmakers say communication with Russia needed to avert nuclear war.
Note: The US needs to stop threatening Russia and trying to surround them so corrupt politicians in the US can continue to enrich themselves from the sick corrupt Israeli antichrist regime, and the Wahhabist terrorists in Saudi Arabia all from blood money. So, "you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"
April 14, 2019: Tulsi Gabbard on Hardball with Chris Matthews: Why do smart people launch stupid wars? Related link.
Note: SpyScandals.com fully supports President George W. Bush going to war to oust President Saddam Hussein of Iraq in 2003 in what was called Operation Iraqi Freedom. First, no one should ever be allowed to attempt to assassinate a sitting president like Saddam Hussein did when President George H. W. Bush was in Kuwait in April 1993 without being brought to justice. Second, SpyScandals.com agrees if President George W. Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 to oust President Saddam Hussein for the purpose of removing Saudi Arabia's support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and for Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11. Third, to further punish Saudi Arabia by removing the Sunni backed government in Iraq and replacing it with a Shiite backed government to counter any future Saudi Arabian influence in the Middle East. Fourth, Obama and Trump are absolute corrupt fools for trying to diminish Shiite influence in the Middle East while Iran, Iraq, Syria are fighting Sunni Wahhabist extremists. Fifth, we highly recommend that Tulsi Gabbard change her position about the 2003 Iraq war. Sixth, Tulsi Gabbard should not trust Chris Matthews to ask the right question. Seventh, Was the excuse that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction a lie? Probably so. But, like the saying goes: "payback is a bitch." Also, sometimes one does not mess with family ‒ because it may be considered personal.
April 14, 2019: Iran to construct new railroad from Tehran to Damascus.
Note: It looks like those phony Western Christians, who claim to be a Jesus loving Christian, who prefer to support the Israeli antichrist regime, are not going to have their way with Iran. Not winning, too bad, boohoohoo.
April 14, 2019: US "blitzkrieg" to replace Venezuela government has failed ‒ Lavrov.
Note: You have got to love those real Russian Christians because they do not take crap from anyone.


Latest in Physics
June 03, 2019: Physicists can predict the jumps of Schrodinger's cat (and finally save it).
May 24, 2019: Scientists uncover exotic matter in the sun's atmosphere
May 23, 2019: The geometry of an electron determined for the first time.
May 15, 2019: Energy-free superfast computing invented by scientists using light pulses.
May 09, 2019: New clues about how ancient galaxies lit up the universe.
May 08, 2019: Explosions of universe's first stars spewed powerful jets.

May 03, 2019: A quantum leap in particle simulation.
April 30, 2019: Dark matter exists: Observations disprove alternate explanations.

April 29, 2019: What a never-before-seen radioactive decay could tell us about neutrinos

April 28, 2019: New data reveals known universe is younger and expanding faster




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Internet of Things (IoT):
May 02, 2019: Design flaws create security vulnerabilities for "smart home" Internet-of-things (IoT) devices.
February 20, 2019: Physically unclonable function: Researchers unveil Internet of Things security feature.
March 21, 2016: Is someone watching you online? The security risks of the Internet of Things.
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