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Updated: April 19, 2020

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Why are many misguided Christians reverently supporting the Israeli antichrist?
The reasons listed directly below may
scare the living Hell out of you!

The real reasons American Evangelicals support Israel.

Jesus, the true
Messiah, will not return until after the Millennial Kingdom is complete, not before it starts.*
There will not be a Rapture prior to the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom, only at the end of the Kingdom.*
If people blow their asses up prior to the Millennial Kingdom, then it will only further delay the return of the Messiah.
Do not give your money to old tired-out corrupt religious fools who have a date of return or claim the Messiah is returning soon.

The Israeli's do not believe in
Hell, Satan, the Holy Ghost, nor Jesus, so for that reason they think they can do anything they want.

The TRUE Christians need to study the New Testament about Jesus and let the non-believing murderous land thieves
who preach from the Old Testament about the irrelevant far gone past go to

People need to know that Israel and the Zionists who support Israel are the antichrist. Their future plans for our planet are not something most people wish for their future unless they have lots of gold tucked away, safe zones and bomb shelters to hide in.

*Revelation 22:18-19 King James Version (KJV): 18: For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

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It is absolutely amazing how greed for money fuels the corrupt Israeli Zionist antichrist land theft movement featuring illegal
kickbacks and investments that will eventually lead to WWIII by the year 2045 if not stopped before it is too late.



The "Greater Israel" Project


I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy


Metapeople "2044"
From Telescreens to Mind Slates

  Metapeople "3044"
The Return of Evil



Click Here to learn more at TabūlaMentis

Click Here to learn more at TabūlaMentis

Click Here to learn more at TabūlaMentis
Illustrated below are the routes the pro-social psychopath antichrist(s) will attempt to use to conquer the world.
Israel and the Zionists will attempt to create a Sunni Kurd Wahhabist terrorist state called Kurdistan to help do their dirty deed.
Notice: Global Jewish groups back the BDS movement. Note: Those Jewish groups must be anti-Semite, right? Related link: BDS Movement.

News Links:
April 18, 2020: UN opens investigation into Israel firing bombs into southern Lebanon.
April 09, 2020: Lebanon will not allow Israel to use airspace ‒ PM.
April 01, 2020: Tunisia leads the way ‒ new report exposes Israel's false democracy.
March 31, 2020: "A huge and timely BDS victory": Microsoft divests from Israeli tech firm AnyVision.

March 24, 2020: MuzzleWatch: Breaking down the legal attack against the BDS movement
March 19, 2020: Harvard invested almost $200 million in companies UN list tied to Israeli settlements in Palestine.
Related link 1: UN releases database of companies operating in illegal West Bank settlements.
Related link 2: Evangelical Christian groups invested $65 million in Jewish settlements.
Related link 3: Philanthropic foundations use offshore investments to raise money ‒ investigative report
March 19, 2020: Harvard invests almost $200 million in companies UN list tied to Israeli settlements in Palestine.
March 09, 2020: MAGA congressman wants Trump administration to kill "anti-American and pro-BDS supporters."
February 28, 2020: Athletes take a knee against Israel's occupation.
February 24, 2020: Israeli bulldozer filmed dragging body of dead Palestinian protester near Gaza border fence.
February 17, 2020: Palestine and the West: A century of betrayal.
February 14, 2020: AIPAC helping fund anti-Sanders ad campaign ‒ report.
February 14, 2020: US congresswoman McCollum calls AIPAC a "hate group."
February 14, 2020: Bloomberg defied a flight ban to show support for Israel, defended the country shelling a school and killing sleeping children.
February 12, 2020: UN releases database of companies operating in illegal West Bank settlements.
February 04, 2020: EU rejects Trump's anti-Palestine Middle East scheme, annexation.
February 02, 2020: Trump's "deal of the century" contradicts UN resolutions ‒ Kremlin.
February 01, 2020: Arab League rejects Trump's "deal of the century" at Cairo summit with Abbas.
January 29, 2020: ICC war crime probe more likely to find Israel guilty says Israeli legal expert.
January 28, 2020: The "deal of the century" is apartheid.
January 24, 2020: Palestine to reject Trump's deal if treaty violates international law.
Note: It's the 1947 boundaries, not 1967 mentioned in article.
Moreover, it would be best if Palestine were divided in half between Palestine and Israel, with Palestine to the north and Israel to the south,
and with Jerusalem as neutral territory.

January 18, 2020: UN experts unveil letter slamming Germany's pro-Israel law targeting BDS movement.
January 15, 2020: NGOs urge UN to disclose firms involved in illegal Jewish settlements.
Note: According to this article London is the money laundering capital of the world. Furthermore, the UK was behind the 1917 Balfour Declaration.
January 14, 2020: Jeopardy show apologizes for questions about Church of Nativity not being in Palestine.
January 10, 2020: Trump administration is investigating UCLA over pro-Palestine event and lecture.
Note: The Trump administration is violating the First Amendment rights of Americans.
January 09, 2020: BDS concludes 2019 with remarkable achievements.
January 08, 2020: What do Americans think of the BDS movement, aimed at Israel?
January 03, 2020: Palestinians confirm receiving Ottoman State land documents.
December 26, 2019: ICC decision to investigate war crimes touches Israelis' deepest fear (accountability).
December 11, 2019: The Trump administration has declared war on the Palestine solidarity movement.
December 07, 2019: Palestinian President commends US Congress for support.
December 06, 2019: Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley only Dems to oppose Israel resolution that omits all mentions of occupation.
December 04, 2019: UN once again calls on Israel to withdraw from Golan Heights.
December 02, 2019: Israel's AG files official indictment against PM Netanyahu.
November 25, 2019: "No other democracy": Human Rights Watch slams Israel's expulsion of director over BDS.
November 20, 2019: Benjamin Netanyahu was just indicted on fraud and bribery charges.
November 20, 2019: EU position on Israeli settlements remains "unchanged."
November 20, 2019: Canada supports pro-Palestine UN resolution after 10 years of pro-Israel votes.
November 17, 2019: "Burn it all down": Netanyahu attacks rival's possible coalition with Palestinians.
November 01, 2019: Elections are needed, but obstacles remain ‒ former Palestinian Authority spokesperson.
October 25, 2019: Israel is last apartheid regime with plan for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians ‒ analyst.

October 24, 2019: Episcopal Church officially bars investments in companies benefiting from Israeli occupation.
October 17, 2019: Israeli forces attack Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza with live fire, water cannon.
October 14, 2019: Mossad chief admits to having "prestigious" assassination list.
October 04, 2019: 10 year-old boy shot in the head remains immobile, family waits for answers from Israel.
October 02, 2019: Trump wants to shoot people in the legs. The US's closest ally already does that.
October 02, 2019: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's pre-indictment hearing begins today.
August 28, 2019: The conversation that may lead to a Netanyahu conviction ‒ analysis.
July 23, 2019: Israel vote will expose Democratic divisions.
June 01, 2019: UN Rapporteur: Canada's new trade agreement with Israel violates international law.
May 27, 2019: Israel agrees to US mediation in sea border dispute with Lebanon ‒ reports.
May 19, 2019: There should be nothing wrong in waving Palestinian flags at Eurovision.
May 18, 2019: Israeli firm linked to WhatsApp spyware attack faces lawsuit.
May 14, 2019: Syrians in occupied Golan Heights reject Netanyahu's new "Trump" settlement.
May 02, 2019: US Congresswoman McCollum reintroduces bill to protect Palestinian children.
April 26, 2019: Texas judge strikes down anti-BDS law in huge win for Palestine activists.
April 22, 2019: As French US envoy call Israel "apartheid state," Trump's Palestine deal looks all but doomed
April 15, 2019: Some Arab rulers serving US, Zionists; waging war against Muslims ‒ Leader.
April 11, 2019: Netanyahu plans to form "Greater Israel," threatens Palestine ‒ Democratic Front.
April 10, 2019: Israel has killed (murdered in cold blood) over 270 Palestinians in Gaza since March.
March 25, 2019: Golan Heights' status remains unchanged, says UN spokesman.

March 21, 2019: Arab League fully supports Syria's sovereignty over Golan Heights.
March 01, 2019: UN rejects US attempts to recognize Israeli authority over Golan Heights.
February 24, 2019: Opposing Israeli brutality against Palestinians makes you human not anti-Semitic.
February 13, 2019: Israeli companies face UN blacklist for settlement business in the West Bank.
February 06, 2019: Lebanon's Berri says Israel oil exploration in disputed waters "dangerous."
January 30, 2019: Big mistake: Israel just admitted arming anti-Assad Syrian rebels ‒ Opinion.
January 30, 2019: Digital tourism giants profiting from Israeli crimes ‒ Amnesty.
January 24, 2019: Why American figures like Michelle Alexander are breaking their silence on Israel.
January 19, 2019: Time to break the silence on Palestine.
January 18, 2019: Support for Palestinian rights should be a mainstream idea, not suppressed.
January 18, 2019: "Jewish state" will soon cease to exist, Israelis may flee to West ‒ Zionist historian.
January 16, 2019: Palestinians to request full UN membership despite US veto ‒ Video.
January 15, 2019: Ashrawi calls on American civil society to speak out.
January 07, 2019: Larry Silverstein & Lewis Eisenberg made billions of dollars from Twin Towers destruction.
January 03, 2019: New Democrat congresswoman literally wipes Israel off her office map.
January 01, 2019: UN to continue efforts for peace in Palestine until occupation lifted ‒ Official.
December 22, 2018: Palestine's interests cannot be sidelined while securing Israel's safety ‒ Lavrov.
December 19, 2018: EU: US plan on Palestine-Israel conflict must respect 1967 lines.
December 17, 2018: Israel developing "offensive missles" that can reach "anywhere" in the Middle East.
December 13, 2018: Natalie Portman lambastes Israel's "racist" nation-state law ‒ Video.
December 13, 2018: Trump inaugural fund and super PAC said to be scrutinized for illegal foreign donations.
December 12, 2018: Israeli sniper kills four year old child in Gaza.
December 10, 2018: Evangelical Christian groups invested $65 million in Jewish settlements.
December 05, 2018: Lebanese Army says Israel must leave occupied territories in southern Lebanon.
December 04, 2018: Reject UN "solidarity" and stand with the Palestinians.
December 03, 2018: UN resolution suggests there is no connection between Judaism and Al-Aqsa.
December 02, 2018: Opinion in US media, Israel is untouchable.
November 30, 2018: UN for second time this month calls on Israel to withdrawal from occupied Golan Heights.
November 29, 2018: UN to disavow Zionist ties to Jerusalem, call for Golan withdrawal.
November 29, 2018: Hamas to UN: Support Palestinian right to bear arms against Israel.

November 28, 2018: Negotiated two-state solution still "the only option" for Palestine ‒ Guterres.
November 28, 2018: UN: Eastern Jerusalem must be capital of "Palestine."
November 20, 2018: Jews denounce Quakers over Israel investment ban.
November 19, 2018: Airbnb to take rentals in Israeli West Bank settlements off website.
November 17, 2018: UN General Assembly votes in favor of 8 resolutions on Palestine.
November 17, 2018: UN special rapporteurs give Israel 60 days to respond to "deep concerns" regarding Jewish nation-state law.

November 14, 2018: The twisted logic of the Jewish "historic right" to Israel ‒ Opinion.
November 12, 2018: Echoing prominent Israeli, Chomsky warns of the rise of "Judeo-Nazi tendencies" in Israel.
November 06, 2018: Hollywood stars raise record $60 million for Israeli army.
November 02, 2018: Watch the film the Israel lobby didn't want you to see.
November 02, 2018: New York University students introduce divestment resolution targeting Israel.
October 30, 2018: UN gives thumbs-up for Palestine to lead Group of 77.
October 30, 2018: Israeli nation-state law is "apartheid," says Democrat congresswoman.
October 30, 2018: Top Palestinian body decides to suspend Israel recognition.
October 26, 2018: New poll shows support for Israel plummeting among US liberals, Millennials and women.
October 21, 2018: Jordan King to abandon part of 1994 peace treaty with Israel on land lease.
October 19, 2018: Time for a unified front on Jerusalem.
October 18, 2108: Vandals destroy Christian cemetery in Israel in apparent hate crime.

October 13, 2018: Jewish extremist settlers stone Palestinian woman to death.
October 13, 2018: Seven unarmed people executed by Israeli regime sniper fire in Gaza.
October 11, 2018: American grad student in "longest ever" boycott-related detention in Israeli regime.
October 09, 2018: Israeli regime arrests US student for supporting Palestinian cause.
October 07, 2018: Israeli regime PM's wife goes on trial in delivery meals case. Her husband Bibi will be next.
October 06, 2018: Druze gather in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to mark support for Assad.
October 06, 2018: Israeli regime wants to dwindle number of Palestinians to zero ‒ Pundit.

October 01, 2018: Irish national broadcaster won't sanction staff who boycott Eurovision in Israel.
September 12, 2018: Trump's DOE vows to help college students restrict free speech (about Israel).
August 29, 2018: Manufactured dissent: Leaked footage reveals US Israel lobby astroturfing student event (video).
August 28, 2018: PA condemns Trump decision to strip Palestinian refugees of historical rights.

Miscellaneous Links:
BDS Movement.
The 1917 Balfour Declaration.
UN calls on Israel to transfer control of the Golan Heights to Syria
Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon
Greater Israel - YouTube video.
Orthodox Christianity vs. Orthodox Judaism.
The narrative that the Israelites occupied modern-day Palestinian territory prior to the Philistines who's people are part Canaanite and Philistine is completely false.
The narrative that Jerusalem was first inhabited by the Israelites is completely false.

Will the antichrist claim to be the Jewish Messiah
Jerusalem will be the capital of the antichrist.

Note: For the latest information about the plight of the Palestinian people visit Palestine Chronicle, IMEMC News and Mondoweiss, and for the latest information about the plight of the Lebanese, Syrian and Yemenis people visit Almasdarnews.com.

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