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Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020

It's Time To Get Nasty
Tulsi needs to stop whining about how she is being picked on and start attacking her competitors being nasty calling them names.
Furthermore, Tusli needs to start laying out her plan in detail for America's future.


TULSI GABBARD "by far is the very, very best" presidential candidate ‒ Ron Paul.
TULSI GABBARD best pick for Democrat ticket in 2020 ‒ opinion.


Lying Elizabeth Warren:
This is an easy one to bring down now that she is the new front runner.
Elizabeth Warren gets major discount in college tuition for being part native American:
October 17, 2019: Elizabeth Warren scrubs evidence of her native American ancestry from Internet.
October 15, 2018: Warren releases results of DNA test.
Note: Native Americans in most circumstances must be at least 50% indigenous Native American in order to qualify for benefits
afforded to Native Americans. Having a small mix dating back six to ten generations does not qualify thereby
suggesting Elizabeth Warren may have fraudulently applied for benefits in the past.

Elizabeth Warren lies about her tenure while school teacher.
October 07, 2019: New docs suggests Elizabeth Warren lied about being fired from teaching job, was actually rehired.
Elizabeth Warren takes donations from more than six billionaires.
October 14, 2019: Elizabeth Warren has a history of collecting cash from billionaires.
Elizabeth Warren has no foreign policy experience which could be very problematic especially when taking money from special interest groups.

Foolish Joe Biden:
This is another one that should be easy to bring down for the following reasons, however the media and his cohorts would prefer you not to know.
 Biden while he was vice president under President Obama:
Egypt including the
Egyptian Revolution.
Libya including the
Libyan Civil War (2011) and the Libyan Military Intervention.
Syria including the
Syrian Civil War.
Libyan Benghazi Attack.
Remember Hillary Clinton's infamous words "what difference does it make?"
Iraq including the Iraqi Civil War.
On the same day January 1st 2014 in Washington D.C. Obama yelled out in a signal to the terrorists "the bear is loose" and then one hour later ISIS invaded Iraq.
How can Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Lindsey Graham not say they were working for a monster who was trying to start a worldwide Muslim holy war?

Ukraine including Euromaidan.
More info will be provided later about this lying fool, however Flashback Stories already has a lot of fodder for people to chew on.

Bernie Sanders:
This one Tulsi helped during his 2016 presidential run, so it is better to leave him alone for now. You never know, he may get nominated and make Tulsi his VP.

Corrupt Kamala Harris:
Tulsi already seems to have this ugly corrupt fool figured out. What Obama saw in that witch is very suspicious?

Wimpy Pete Buttigieg:
Saying "you are dead wrong" against Tulsi in the last debate is that the best he can do? We figure the gays like his last name?
October 20, 2019: "An agile pivot": Buttigieg refuses to defend Gabbard from Clinton attacks.
Buttigieg is a wimp!
Tulsi needs to emphasize the fact that the US needs to get out of Syria and to let the Syrian people decide their future without outside interference.

Air Head Amy Klobuchar:
October 16, 2019: Progressives reject Klobuchar's salute to Israel as "beacon of democracy."

Hillary Clinton:
If Hillary enters the race we at SpyScandals.com will be glad to bring up her past which will only lead to her demise. Three times will only be a charm for SpyScandals.com.
 See Flashback Stories for more info about Hillary's past.

Michael Bloomberg:
Bloomberg is a regime change opportunist, not a savior.
If Michael enters the race we at SpyScandals.com wonder why news articles covered by Bloomberg News always seem to favor the land theft regimes?

Sissy Donald Trump:
Besides loving the color pink we all know that Donald is crying for it in the rear end! That must be why he likes the Saudis so much?

The rest of the crowd should be manageable for Tulsi to defeat.


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