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(Press/Media Shield Law)

The Federal Press/Media Shield Law that is periodically being considered for passage in both the House and Senate is flawed, and should not be passed before taking into consideration the increasing threat posed by illegal electronic eavesdropping.

A Federal Press/Media Shield Law if it were to ever pass should not be made permanent and should have periodic review with conditions attached.




If a Federal Press/Media Shield Law were approved the following may apply or happen:

  ●  News Media individuals could acquire information by illegal means and use the information against virtually anyone they wish without having to reveal how the information was acquired.
●  A Federal Shield Law in itself could be considered unconstitutional if a law were broken during the process as to the way in which News Media employees or their sources acquired the information if by either the placement of and/or the use of illegal electronic eavesdropping equipment, and/or by using other forms of espionage that compromise private confidential information without first obtaining permission from the proper authorities and/or from the victim in advance.
●  States and the Federal government could be held accountable and ultimately suffer loses in the billions of dollars stemming from lawsuits in which shield laws encourage illegal activities.
●  A victimized defendant would not be able to prove a law was broken or be able to prove the validity of a claim if the source is not required to be revealed or to be held accountable for violating one's right-to-privacy.
●  Actual malice may no longer have to be proven by
public figures to collect in libel cases.*
●  A new bureaucracy may be created to determine who qualifies as a journalist and if they will be allowed to spy, thereby requiring background checks, training, fingerprints, tests and licenses. This new bureaucracy may possibly parse the First Amendment to enforce media correctness and control who can have access to news events where licenses may be required.*
●  A backlash may occur from public reactions over the News Media having an unfair advantage in protecting criminals and invading peoples privacy.*
  The title 'PRESS' and 'MEDIA' on this Web page includes all forms of media that release news stories, although not all of the following entities are being considered in a Federal Press/Media Shield Law:  
●  Government reporters/leakers.
News agencies.
Religious organizations.
●  Broadcasters.
●  Commentators.
●  Weatherpersons.
●  Show hosts.
●  Paparazzi.
Private investigators.
Corporate spies.
●  Neighbors.
●  Advertising agencies.
Comic strip writers.
●  Astrologers.
Recording artists.
●  Poets.
●  Adversaries.
●  Professionals.
●  Relatives.
●  Acquiantances.
●  Admirers.
●  Thieves.
●  Perverts.
●  Pedophiles.
  *Research material provided in part by: Centre Daily Times. Posted on the Internet Tuesday, August 9, 2005, titled: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, Shield law would make media vulnerable to being legislated.  
News Release(s):
October 13, 2013: Politicians reject self-regulation by the Press after phone hacking scandal.
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