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September 21, 2019: Microsoft chief Brad Smith says rise of killer robots is "unstoppable."
Note: Frank™ the robot (FRANKLINSTEIN™) is coming. By the year 2029 robots with artificial intelligence will surpass the intelligence of humans & will increase significantly every year thereafter. Related link: Slaughterbots.

September 20, 2019: Alien enthusiasts descend on Area 51 for an event that started as a joke.
Note: Rumor has it Area 51 is, or was, housing two or more captured, or gifted UFOs. True? Remember Bob Lazar? Maybe it is the US secretly flying those UFOs that US Navy pilots have observed? US government workers including General Norman Schwarzkopf have several times bragged about secret technologies the US has in its possession. The Philadelphia Experiment is supposedly a true story. Flight 19 and the Bermuda Triangle is another strange story. Around 1992 President George H. W. Bush denied five aircraft of the same type with the same identifying numbers found in the same general area Flight 19 were lost were the same aircraft. The propellers on all five aircraft were bent as if they were flying underwater before coming to an abrupt stop.

September 19, 2019: Saudis, Israel attack pro-Iran militias on Syria-Iraq border ‒ report.
Note: Bird of a feather flock together (literally). The Saudi Wahhabist & Israeli antichrist are two of the same, evil. According to the Torah the antichrist will rule the world with their false prophet. According to the New Testament the Christians will defeat the antichrist. Why are the Christians helping the antichrist in Israel? It is recommended that the Christians view the following websites: Mondoweiss, Palestine Chronicle and IMEMC News. If the Christians decide that they do not care about what is going on over there or that they are too busy to worry about it, then they should prepare themselves for World War Three that is bound to happen within the next thirty years.

September 14, 2019: Eddie Money was a police trainee in the NYPD before he became a singer.
Note: Eddie Money (1949-2019) back in 1984 called Robert (Bob) Franklin on the phone, the owner of SpyScandals.com, when he owned a burglar-fire alarm company called Franklin Security Systems. Eddie used a ridiculous excuse that he needed directions how to get to an event in Hollywood later that night and offered Bob a free ticket to the performance if he would provide Eddie with directions how to get there. So Bob talked with Eddie for about fifteen minutes about Eddie being a "pencil pusher for the NYPD" before he went on to become a successful writer, recording artist and singer. Bob told Eddie he appreciated him calling, however Bob said he was busy later that day and that Eddie should not have any trouble finding the famous Hollywood Palladium. Bob remembers Eddie as being a happy, fun person. Why did Eddie call Bob in the first place? Because Eddie had insiders information about what was going on behind the scene at the time pertaining to Bob that Bob did not know about that are too many to mention here. Besides Bob also being a private law enforcement officer who carried a firearm, Bob was a writer, recording artist and singer like Eddie. Bob had recently recorded a song titled Franklinstein and he had just announced in 1984 that he was developing a robot called Frank™ that created a lot of controversy back then. One interesting thing that happened back then is that the writer, recording artist and singer Peter Gabriel in 1985 recorded the song Big Time that has the voice "Hi There" in the intro and at the ending that sounds exactly like Bob's voice that may have been taken from Bob's business telephone answering machine in 1984 or it was made to sound exactly like the intro from the answering machine greeting.

June 26, 2019: Robots to take 20 million jobs, worsening inequality - study.
Note: The study fails to include artificial intelligence (AI) in their report in which computers, robots, etc. that have AI installed will exceed human intelligence by the year 2029. In the year 2030 why would an employer hire a human to answer the phone, make calls and type information into a computer when the computer will be smarter than the human. Our estimate is that by the year 2035 there will be 40% unemployment worldwide, 60% by 2040, 80% by 2045 and 100% by 2050 when it comes to good paying jobs. Is there anyone out there that would like to make 5 cents an hour because the drive to make $15.00 per hour minimum wage a standard will not last long with what is coming very, very soon. The most obvious for everyone to see will be live TV reporters being replaced with real-time on-demand 3D generated reporters/avatars, however they will be so realistic looking that people may not notice the difference. What is even more interesting is what will the reporters be reporting when the news is controlled by special interest groups. Related link: the novel Twenty Forty-Four "2044" is coming.

June 05, 2019: Disturbing report sheds light on why civilization may collapse in just 30 years. See Timeline.
Note: As you will see in the timeline there are solutions that are currently in the design phase to solve everyone of those upcoming dilemmas. What the scientist's are not telling you though is if we were to stop polluting the atmosphere today it would still take somewhere between 500 to 1,000 years for Earth's atmosphere to naturally scrub itself back to where it was before the beginning of the industrial revolution. And even then if we were to stop all pollution now things would still continue to get worse before the slow healing process would begin. So therefore you may wish to think about it in great detail first before you start plucking down your hard earned money on untested ineffective innovations just in case money is the main motivation behind these climate reports.
December 18, 2018: Penny Marshall, "Laverne & Shirley" star, dead at 75.
Note: Penny Marshall, a former burglar alarm customer of the owner of SpyScandals.com between 1977-1981, will be deeply missed. Penny was a wonderful person to work for who was considered a friend.

November 17, 2018: Artificial intelligence "AI" to contribute $16 trillion to global GDP by 2030.
Note: By the year 2029 desktop computers will exceed the processing power of the human brain.
Warning: By the year 2035 politicians will have spent all of your money on boondoggle things like the California High-Speed Rail Project with the near homeless unemployed common people stuck holding the bill. The motto to this story is to make as much money as one can between now and 2035, and then hide it from the government so one will not get taxed to death like what recently happened in Greece. P.S.: Be sure to save your money-assets in gold, however after the quantum teleportation machines arrive around the year 2045 gold will become worthless, but it will not matter afterwards anyway unless one succumbs before then to old age, famine, pestilence, conquest or WWIII. And last, but not least, no one knows for sure what things will be like after the year 2045 especially when one considers how politicians and businesspeople love to take money from wealthy Saudi Wahhabists while allowing their radical beliefs to spread unchecked. Remember 9/11? So who will be in charge after 2045, the Wahhabist's, the Zionist's, the mafia, the Trump's, the Bush's, the Clinton's, the Obama's, the Rockefeller's or will it be the good old common people in charge of their future? Most people do not seem to care and are willing to leave it up to others to see how the ball will bounce. It is something to think about because twenty-five years can pass by very quickly depending on what side of the fence one is standing?
Related link: Click on this link and search for the keynumber "2029" in the Wikipedia article about AI

November 13, 2018: Rabbi warns "Holy War" looming in Biblical prophecy of the End of Days.
Note: BS, the Church of Metatrons has a better idea. For Christians and Muslims, Jesus is the true Messiah. Maybe Israel may wish to stop stealing land from its neighbors if it wishes to avoid a future cataclysm they will have brought down onto itself. The seven deadly sins Israel is guilty of: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Though Israel does not believe there is a Hell, the future possible arrival of Satan after Jesus Returns circa 3050 will prove it otherwise.

November 03, 2018: "Robot taxes" will help keep humans employed, Bill Gates predicts.
Note: Besides taxing robots, computers of all sorts (IoT) with artificial intelligence will also have to be taxed inflating the price of ordinary consumer products. Realistically, after the year 2029, good paying jobs will begin to cease to exist making it near impossible for honest hard working people to make a decent living. But all will be well after the cloning devices (replicators) arrive around the year 2045, unless? See Timeline.

October 31, 2018: University of Michigan hosts "pro-BDS" event despite Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.
Note: Contrary to what others may insinuate, the BDS movement is not anti-Semtic. It's about Palestinian people being murdered, injured, their land and resources illegally stolen from them by the Israeli Zionist movement.

September 17, 2018: Robot takeover: More than half of today's jobs to be automated by 2025 ‒ Report.
Note: What people need to keep their eyes on is the debt politicians are creating because they are not saving anything for you when you will need it the most. While you may be homeless getting taxed to death out in the cold starving with drones flying above they may be in safe zones with bomb shelters. By the year 2035 there will be virtually no good paying jobs unless you are a crook. Tabūla Mentis Corporation, an affiliate of SpyScandals.com, has been involved with robotics and artificial intelligence just about longer than anyone else with the introduction of Frank™ the Robot back in 1984. So therefore, we believe we know what we are talking about. But don't worry, because when the quantum teleportation-cloning devices arrive everything will be fine for all by the year 2050 unless the politicians screw that one up too. Finally, most people fail to realize that without tax revenues governments will not be able to pay social benefits such as social security, pensions, health care, housing, etc.. So basically, if there are no jobs, then there will be no tax revenues unless the government taxes peoples assets, savings, real estate, etc. like what happened in the 2009 Greek Government-debt Crisis, but it will be much, much worse. See US National Debt, World Debt Clock and US $190 trillion unfunded liabilities.
September 14, 2018: Russian specialists studying documents on US laboratory in Georgia ‒ Russian MoD.
Note: And the US has the gull to criticize Syria with "fake" accusations of chemical weapons use. The US is making a mockery of itself worldwide.
Related link 1: Report: U.S. dropped plague-infected fleas on North Korea in March 1952
Related link 2: US biological weapons classic example of Frankenstein monster: Analyst.
Related link 3: Russian biological samples "collected for research" – US Air Force.

Related link 4: Putin: Someone is harvesting Russian bio samples for obscure purposes.


August 03, 2018: Mystery of the notorious Bermuda Triangle solved, documentary claims.
Note: If a wave destroyed the aircraft squadron, then from where did the pilots continue to communicate with each other and with the military traffic tower, an alternate universe (Many-worlds Interpretation)?
Related link: The sea yields its lost squadron
Note: President George H.W. Bush later said that the found aircraft were not the same even though they had the same aircraft numbers. The aircraft propellers were bent as if the aircraft had suddenly stopped underwater.
Related link: The Philadelphia Experiment.


Witch-hunt: Remember Seth Rich and the "Democrat" DNC hack?
Ex-CIA Chief of Russia Ops: US has carried out election meddling historically.
Related link 1: Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman
Related link 2: WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is "alleged" WikiLeaks source.

May 06, 2018: After death, Hawking cuts 'multiverse' theory down to size.
Note: Superverse theory based on BAM-theory and the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang theory is much better than multiverse theory. BAM-theory is better than M-theory and alpha vectors are better than string theory. Betas are much better than brane theory and the holographic universe combined. And the metaverse, which is not the same as a meta-universe or multiverse, is a whole lot bigger than Stephen Hawking thought (note: a superverse is a structure that contains many multiverses). Are you confused? Then see the following related link.

April 20, 2018: Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman.
Note: Seth Rich, who was murdered afterwards, is believed to be the person that downloaded files from the DNC, not Russia. Who was responsible for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich? Could it be that someone affiliated with the DNC be associated with whistleblower Seth Rich's murder for his DNC files to flash/thumb drive theft?
Related link: WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is "alleged" WikiLeaks source.
April 07, 2018: 'Robo-Hitler' alarm: Musk's fear of AI 'Immortal Dictator' sets Twitter ablaze.
Note: It sort of sounds like a prediction about the future Jewish antichrist Messiah. P.S.: Jesus Christ is Lord.
Related link 1: Will the antichrist claim to be the Jewish Messiah
Related link 2: Jerusalem will be the capital of the antichrist.

March 16, 2018: Stephen Hawking pinned his hope on 'M-theory' to fully explain the universe - here's what it is.
Note: 'BAM-theory' (Beta/Alpha/Meta) (the 0th, 1st and 2nd spacial dimensions, plus time curled into extra dimensions called "WEIRDOS") blows the doors off M-theory by embracing zero-dimensional infinities like tachyons that then in return form into scalar zerons and supertachyons that in return form into macroworld size structures like our superverse thereby producing an answer to the famous elusive physics "Theory of Everything" (ToE).
January 23, 2018: Teletubbies' Tinky Winky actor Simon Barnes dies aged 52.
Note: Frank Jr. first conceived in 1984 may have been the first tele-tummy-baby created by Tabūla Mentis Corporation (an affiliate of SpyScandals.com) in 1991 prior to the Teletubbies that began in 1997 with a removable tablet/slate (tabūla in Latin) on its chest/tummy which was also most likely the first prototype tablet/slate computer 9 years before Microsoft's prototype tablet computer.

September 22, 2017: Rob Reiner spars with Tucker Carlson over Russia, Hollywood's relationship with China.
Note: Rob Reiner use to be a burglar-fire alarm customer of the founder of this website SpyScandals.com between 1978-1981 while he was married to
Penny Marshall. There are some interesting stories about Rob and also about his father Carl Reiner who use to hangout with Hollywood legend Rock Hudson, and Peter Falk with the three of them giggling in the steam room on a regular basis at the Beverly Hill Health Club during the 70s. Many of you may have heard the stories about Rock Hudson and also about Peter Falk who was busted by the Beverly Hills Police for loitering around residential neighborhoods in the middle of the night half dressed. As the old saying goes: "Birds of a feather flock together." So if Rob takes after his father Carl "father like son," then that may possibly explain why Penny divorced Rob in 1981. Rob did not want an alarm system, but Penny did. Unfortunately for Rob, his next house burnt down. Now on the other hand Penny liked having alarm systems; so when two men broke into her Hancock Park home a couple of years later while she was home alone she pushed the panic button and both the patrol company, and LAPD were there in 2-3 minutes to arrest the two men. Furthermore, Rob is probably really pissed because he was hoping the Zionist expansionists would get possession of Crimea (Crimea, the New Jewish Homeland), but the Russian Christians took it first. Bottom line, don't listen to what Rob "Meathead" Reiner is saying about Russia! What the US must do instead of having a war with Russia is to have the anti-malware listed near the bottom of SpyScandals.com's Web homepage.

Many Flashback Stories are temporarily unavailable

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